My Story My Dad asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I said, “A musician”. He said, “Well you can’t do both”. Kev Gray and The Gravy Train are an award-winning, multi-genre band based out of England, America and Japan – depending on the weather. Based around the lyrical songwriting of lead singer, Kev Gray, their music is a melting pot of lush melodies from acoustic lounge, folk gospel, bossa, funk, original blues and blue-eyed jazz. A fusion of traditional genres, resulting in an antidote to modern conformity. Soulful vocal textures add a nice polish to contemporary lyrical content that mirror everyday themes – cold feet at the altar, the rat race, having children, escaping responsibility, swingers parties, the inability to grow up. Kev’s mission is unashamedly that of bringing music back to the listener. Asked why, he argues in a world of autotune and programmed music, live performance must prevail. If you have something worth saying, people will listen. “One problem with writing quirky lyrics is getting misrepresented. He think the way people interpret songs shows a lot about their character. If they see bitterness, they are bitter; if they see negativity, they’re negative; if they see arrogance, they are insecure. If they see all the wonderful things in my songs, they are wonderful.” During the Covid lockdown, Kev embraced the opportunity to reinvent himself as a recording artist and is finalizing a new lockdown-inspired album – Time To Live Again – using fellow musicians from over 30 countries recorded and arranged online by Thomas Hilse. Singles will build up to the album release during 2021. The new album will show an artist with the rare ability to transcend difficult conditions and creating truly moving music perfectly suited to the strange times we live in.

Status: May 2021

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In the Press

Kev’s most recent songs have received stunning reviews by music critics around the world from a plethora of webzines. Check out a selection here:

Just great

Wow, your vocals remind me of Jeff Buckley, you’re singing very confident and expressive, and the guitar strumming is great. Guitar recording is very present and the listener can feel every nuance of your song. The chord progression is also great. It sounds like much thought had gone into just figuring out what to play on the guitar. There are not so many songs today that are interesting in a term of good vocal and nice melody and chord progression. Today everyone adds only sonic interest to the most obvious melody and chord progression and they are adding additional interest by making lot’s of breaks and bridges in the song. This one is not like that. This one is simple and good, It made me want to try to learn how to play it and sing…And that’s just great.

Your Voice BOOM!

I absolutely love this song. Your voice is so incredible and original. Reminds me of an old songs from the mid 1900’s…and did I mention your lyrics? Wow.


The band has required mood only.
I find this artist to be of excellent quality. A wonderful voice wrapped in emotion and touching warmth. However, the lyric writing skills of this artist is phenomenal. Coupled with intuitive melody construction, there is nothing but greatness in this songwriter and performer.
The mood is nothing short of marvelous intoxication.

Chill Beauty

I feel like I should be on the beach! This is beautiful & very chill. The melody rocks. The mood… it’s perfect afternoon music or beach music. I definitely want to download this song


From the beginning of this song, I could tell this person’s voice was incredible, If I would guess, I would say they have had some classical voice training. The vocals are so sweet, and the guitar goes along so well with beautiful voice. I wish there were some more instruments involved just to give that extra bit to the song and really make it stand out even more than it already is. This is really great song.
Definitely the best song I’ve heard on GB so far. The lyrics are also wonderful. The female vocals were also incredible. I’m definitely going to download this song.

Little Bruised Apples – Just what Garageband needed

Can feel the classic touch in the recording quality and the vocalist. The story your telling is really good. Got some good meanings here. The guitar strumming is really interesting with the upstrums and stops. Good finger work. You put a lot of feel in this one. Great female back ups made it sooo sweet and even sexy. Tasty treat loving it all the way through.


Everything about this is fabulous. Vocals, lyrics, guitar, the simplicity, the mood, the tone, just out of this world. Whoever you are, you have a mountain of talent. Keep going towards your destiny!

As Time Kept Hurting Me

Like watching a lazy creek. This song makes me feel like looking out the window and seeing a lazy summer day roll by. I can imagine this song appearing in a movie soundtrack.


First things first, beautiful voice, absolutely wonderful. In fact the more I listen to this, the more I love it. …This is absolutely lovely, is it an original? The lyrics are great in an honest way and I love the unpolished production (sorry if I’m offending anyone). I just want to go to that river and get clean! Whoever is making this music should be getting paid for it, best thing I’ve heard on this site by a mile, really is!


I only had to hear the first bar of this to know without any doubt that this singer is quite remarkable. A voice of high quality and professionalism with great diction and marvelous intonation. Making comparisons to other great singers is useless. The lyric is testimonial to what great songwriting is meant to be. It is a poetic marvel interwoven into a tight melody with an array of movement and color depicting absolute creativity only to be impacted with an amazing display of sensitive yet well determined and deliberate guitar playing all culminating to an accentuated conclusion of expertise, musicianship and undeniable professionalism.

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